Engaging with patients and their families is now a cornerstone of how we deliver healthcare within the UK. Research considering how best to invite patient feedback about safety has been emergent in the literature over the past five years, first in acute care but more recently in primary care and we have been at the forefront of this field. Given the unique position of patients as the one common presence across all healthcare encounters, it will be important for researchers and policy makers to understand if, and how, patients and their families can be involved in supporting one of the most vulnerable areas in safety terms: the transition between care settings.

All four themes will address this intractable problem with the aim of producing a body of evidence that commissioners, policy makers and practitioners can use to make informed decisions. Within the patient involvement theme specifically we will create and test tools that support patient and carer involvement across the pathway of care.

Theme lead:

Dr Jane O’Hara

Deputy theme lead:

Professor Ian Watt

Key people:

Kate Smyth (Lay Leader)

Dr Gemma Louch

Dr Abigail Albutt

Dr Laura Sheard

Dr James Munro

Dr Claire Marsh

Dr Jane Heyhoe