Feel like you waste precious time having to follow more and more non-clinical rules, practices and procedures that don’t enhance patient safety?

Join us for a TweetChat 8-9pm on 13th September 2018 @WeNurses.

In the TweetChat you will get the chance to identify and discuss non-clinical rules, practices and procedures you would like to stop as they don’t improve patient safety, along with what the barriers to stopping might be and how these could be overcome.

Researchers at Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Translational Research Centre are holding the TweetChat as part of a pioneering study called In the name of safety? – Letting go of low-value safety practices

The study aims to identify ineffective safety practices we could stop to free up more time to care. In the next phase of this study we will work with staff and patients to develop and test in practice, interventions to aid the stopping of identified practices where the evidence supports this.