Register for the PSTRC PhD network

Welcome to the new Patient Safety Translational Research Centre PhD network. This network is for research students on PhD programmes that are linked to the three NIHR Patient Safety Translational Research Centres:

The PhD Network is for you to share information about your research projects and your developing research expertise and collaborate to develop dissemination plans for your work. The Network will be a showcase for the patient safety research you are developing as well as a route to develop professional research networks.

On these web pages we will post information about PSTRC seminars that you can attend and information from NIHR about opportunities for trainees, such as funding you can apply for and NIHR training events that may be available.

In order to register for the network you will need to contact Dr Abigail Albutt at Yorkshire and Humber PSTRC by email giving her permission to register you as a member of the network. She will use your email address to send out information related to the PhD network, including meeting dates, events and updates from NIHR. You can de-register at any time by emailing Dr Albutt. In your email please also include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • The title of your PhD
  • The year you began your PhD
  • The name of your PSTRC

We look forward to working with you now and in the future.