The Digital Innovation theme works with patients and the public to mutually inform and co-produce research for patient benefit. Below are some of the patient and public invovlement and engagement (PPIE) activities that the Digital Innovation theme have completed.

If you would like to get involved in research as a patient or public representative, check out our dedicated page for more details.



Patients and members of the public have been involved in the development, pilot implementation and evaluation of Computer-Aided Risk-Scoring systems (CARSs) tools. Service user groups have helped us to interpret findings from our recent implementation evaluation and will continue to work with us as we assess the feasibility of scaling up this digital innovation for wider use.

Testimonials about the CARS tools can be found here and an academic look at patient and public involvement can be found here.


Command Centre evaluation

Patient and public involvement and engagement has a dedicated work-stream in our project evaluating the Command Centre at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Patients and public co-producing the research proposal

The Digital Innovation theme consulted patient and public representatives for the design of the Command Centre evaluation. This included a survey of passers-by in the foyer of the Bradford Royal Infirmary, and an audience with the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Patient Panel.

These vital co-production activities took place to inform a bid for funding to carry out the proposed evaluation. Not only did the co-produced project receive funding but the funder commended the proposal on its pre-project patient and public involvement.

Patients and public co-producing interview resources

In the early stage of the research, a panel of patient and public representatives was convened. The purpose of meeting was to inform what should be observed in the Command Centre and what questions should be asked of associated staff.

Below are some extracts from an inforgraphic that was produced from the workshop [download infographic (PDF 683 KB)]