Research team:

Dr Jon Benn
Dr Gillian Janes
Dr Thomas Mills
Ms Freya Thompson


Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Mr Lawrence Hill, Course Director BSc. Paramedic Science/Professional Lead, University of East Anglia

Rationale: Ambulance service staff working in an urgent and emergency care setting is an under-researched group at a disproportionately high risk of poorer work-related mental health, well-being and engagement. They experience a uniquely challenging and high level of chronic job-related stressors. Many of the risk factors are linked to the social and organisational aspects of the work environment, including job design. In addition, recent research has identified a desire among paramedics for more and better quality feedback on the cases assigned to them.

This study will therefore explore the work-related determinants of engagement and wellbeing among ambulance service staff, and the impact on patient safety. It will also assess the capability of existing feedback systems and the potential for feedback to enhance staff wellbeing and safety outcomes.

Overall Plan: Phase 1 study (2018-19): an exploratory interview study with mobile and call centre ambulance service staff. The findings will provide a basis for developing interventions, including but not limited to feedback interventions, for enhancing paramedic wellbeing, engagement and patient safety.

Phase 2 study (2019-2021): this PhD study will build on Phase 1 to explore the experiences and needs of paramedics for feedback on clinical cases. It will also design and test feedback intervention(s) to inform future policy and practice for this staff group.

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