Our research focuses on four key themes that recognise:


The central role of patients and their carers (Patient Involvement in Patient Safety)

Engaging with patients and their families is now a cornerstone of how we deliver healthcare within the UK. Research considering how best to invite patient feedback about safety has been emergent over the past few years, first in acute care but more recently in primary care and we are at the forefront of this field.

The importance of creating workplaces that people want to work in (Workforce Engagement and Wellbeing)

Co-producing interventions that find solutions to problems that make work more, rather than less, efficient. We also have a focus on improving patient safety through staff support, learning and reflection, direct engagement in implementing change and co-operative teamwork.

The safe use of medicines as a priority across healthcare settings (Safe Use of Medicines)

The Safe Use of Medicines theme addresses key touchpoints in the patients’ medicines pathway and is developing interventions that support staff in the aim of reducing unnecessary treatment.

The exciting potential for digital technology to improve safety (Digital Innovations for Patient Safety)

Developing digital solutions that address threats to patient safety whilst harnessing the power of human sense making to better understand the patient safety climate in the NHS. We are designing and evaluating a number of targeted interventions that address well-known threats to safety whilst addressing the challenges of successfully incorporating digital innovations alongside complex human and organisational needs.

Research across our themes

Our teams also work together as an inter-disciplinary team, recognising the strength of their different disciplinary and methodological backgrounds. Our theme research teams work collaboratively to deliver the Centre’s objectives.