Research team

Mohammed A. Mohammed
Carolyn McCrorie


Why is this project important?

Considering safer decision in a digital world, we are looking at the safety of algorithms embedded within clinical systems.

As patient safety specialists, we are also interested in the broader questions around dependability, success factors and understanding un-intended consequences.


What are we doing?

We are developing and evaluating computer-aided risk tools to improve patient safety within secondary care. We hope that our tools can bring the risks to the attention of healthcare staff so that they can address problems early.

Specifically, we have developed automated risk scores that provide clinicians with real time estimates of the patients’ risk of death and sepsis during their stay in hospital.


Outputs and Impact

  • We have developed four validated automated risk scores.
  • We have shown that staff view our automated scores favourably because the scores (a) are automated, (b) require no additional data collection, and (c) combine 16 clinical variables whilst aiming to support the clinical decision-making process with real time estimates of the patient’s risk of death and sepsis.
  • We have published our work in peer-reviewed scientific journals:


Contact for more information

If you have any questions about our CARS research, please contact Carolyn McCrorie via email at