There is an increasing recognition that to deliver effective and safe healthcare we need an engaged and productive workforce. The engagement and wellbeing of healthcare staff has huge implications for the quality and safety of care that they deliver. Understanding how to engage and support staff in a climate of increasingly complex care, fewer resources and greater service pressures is paramount.

Work associated with this theme recognises the importance of creating workplaces where people want to work for enhancing patient safety. We are therefore working with health professionals and other staff to co-produce and develop the evidence around interventions which support the creation of such environments for a positive impact on healthcare safety. A range of projects are already underway and we are working with staff and other stakeholders to develop the priority topics and research areas for the coming years.

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Theme lead:
Professor Rebecca Lawton

Deputy theme lead:
Professor Robbie Foy

Key people:
Dr Gillian Janes, Dr Angela Grange, Professor Chris Bojke, Dr Ali Cracknell, Dr Judith Johnson, Beverley Slater, Dr Jane Heyhoe, Raabia Sattar, Ruth Simms-Ellis, Dr Jonathan Benn, Professor Kerrie Unsworth, Dr Jayne Marran, Caroline Reynolds, Dr Abigail Albutt, (Lay Leader vacancy)