Research team: 

Dr Judith Johnson
Ruth Simms-Ellis
Dr Tom Mills
Dr Gillian Janes
Dr Abi Albutt
Dr Reema Harrison
Professor Rebecca Lawton

Why is this study important?

Why is this study important?Healthcare professionals who are involved in adverse events can experience depression, anxiety, sleep problems and symptoms of trauma; some have even considered leaving their profession. This project is piloting a training intervention designed to prepare healthcare professionals for these events. Based on an integration of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles with research into the factors which confer resilience to failure, the training involves an interactive workshop, case studies and experiential exercises tailored to specific health professional groups, together with a short one to one telephone follow up to support the application of learning.

Study overview:

Initial development of the workshop materials and pilot workshops took place with trainee health professionals in Australia and the UK in 2017. These led to refinements of the training and evaluation plan. The refined training package has been delivered to seven groups of trainee and qualified healthcare professionals in the UK between November 2018 and June 2019.

An evaluation study is underway and the results will be used to further refine the training package and inform definitive evaluation of the intervention. Ultimately, this will result in the production of an intervention which can be delivered to healthcare professionals to improve their personal and professional management of adverse events.

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Dr Judith Johnson –


PSTRC Newsletter Summer 2019, p7 Johnson J and Simms-Ellis R. Supporting healthcare professionals involved in patient safety incidents