Research team:                         

Daisy Halligan
Dr Gillian Janes
Dr Abi Albutt
Professor Rebecca Lawton

Why is this study important?

In an NHS characterised by acute shortages of time and resources, healthcare staff are required to do more and more ‘in the name of safety’. Safety rules, practices and procedures however, are not always evidence based or good value in terms of the safety benefits they offer.

Study overview:

Citizen science and a crowdsourcing approach is being used to identify low-value rules, processes and procedures that have limited or no value in enhancing patient safety (due for completion December 2019). Where the evidence supports it, behaviour change approaches will be used to develop and test interventions to support ‘letting go’ of low value practices in the workplace (Jan 2020 – Jan 2022). This is being led by Daisy Halligan, as part of a THIS_Institute funded PhD Studentship.

Ultimately this work should improve safety for patients, staff wellbeing and optimise stewardship of NHS resources. In addition, it will support the development of a truly learning healthcare system with built in mechanisms for stopping safety rules and processes that no longer add value.

Blog post:

Article published in Nursing Management Summer 2018

Hosted TweetChat for @WeNurses September 2018 (click here to access the link to the summary of the chat)

Health Services Research UK Conference 2019 – verbal presentation

Greater Manchester PSTRC Conference 2019 – poster presentation

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